Project: Pro-bono design for a community organization (which I'm a member of).
Role: Design, photography, illustration 
Collaborator: logo and IG design by Alejandro Torres Viera
In March 2020, driven by the precarity of the pandemic, tenants of five neighboring buildings owned and managed by the same company banded together to form a tenant's association whose aim was to keep tenants in their homes. After the negotiations with the landlord stalled, tenants agreed to withhold rent, masking those who could not pay and would therefore be subject to targeted removal within a large body of non-paying tenants. Two years later, the TTA successfully negotiated for necessary building and apartment repairs but, most significantly, we negotiated rent relief for tenants financially impacted by Covid, payment plans, and guaranteed lease renewals.
My involvement in the collective: the association needed a simple branding for a few touch points to legitimate its tangibility and presence as a serious and organized force to be reckoned with. I've volunteered to be their graphic designer, helping to visualize their voice, as well as crafting a consistent message.
At a personal level, this rich experience helped me to create strong connections with people around me and witness firsthand how local communities can come together to resist unjust situations that life throws at us. 
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