Client: PlayBac Presse (France)
Role: Brand Design Lead / Designer / Icon designer 
Agency: Pentalog

The client: 
PBP is the creator of the only daily newspapers for kids on the world. Well-known in France, they have titles adapted to each age groups as well as linguistic supplements. 
The work: In need of a digital presence as well to adapt to new media consumption habits, we moved the printed publications in the digital age. 
To accomplished this move, more that simply repeating the print experience, we’ve created a format in phase with kids’ way of interacting with digital platforms. The content is presented into short modules, displayed as a “river”, like in Facebook. 
In addition to the main content, we were able to add all the extra features, such as documents specifically tailored to follow the school curriculum and video. 
Parents are able to tailor their subscription based on their kids age and need. 
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