Role: Design Director/Designer
Agency: Stein + Partners

Award: 3 ACE Awards for Brochures, Collateral Materials and Logo

The client: Online & on-demand printing (B2B). Mimeo is offering digital distribution and online printing solutions (such as business document printed and delivered overnight).

The work: Offices and facilities branded environment
Following their overall re-branding, Mimeo decided to extend the program to their offices in New York and facilities in Memphis.
In order to "reboot" the brand from the inside-out, I've created a graphic system, based on the logo DNA, that allows clients and employees alike to be immersed in the Mimeo world. A combination of super-graphics and energizing customer quotes help the brand to take over it's production environment. A physical embodiment of the brand attributes create a unique brand space.
Memphis facilities
New York offices
The wall graphic below serves as a basic grid, where key milestones and achievements can be added as the company grows.
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