Project: App branding, UX/UI, iconography
Role: Creative Director, UX/UI designer
The client: BBBS of NYC is the nation’s first and the city's largest youth mentoring organization. Its vision is that all youth achieve their full potential. Their mission is to build and support mentoring relationships to ignite the biggest possible futures for youth by matching a caring adult mentor, a Big, with a New York City youth, a Little. 
Need: To help the mentors and monitor progresses, BBBS/NYC was in need of a modern tool of communication, opposed to a system relying on phone calls and heavy paperwork. We help them to build an app, used to guide and record the outing.  
Solution: A friendly, easy-to use app UX and UI was developed, encompassing all the features needed to accomplished their mission. The adoption by the mentors and their satisfaction was overwhelming.
Note on branding: Even if at the time the client was feeling that they wanted to stay close to their current branding, we’ve started to developed a “parallel " visual language, more adapted to the digital world, while acknowledging the brand DNA in place.
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