Engage Opportunity Everywhere
PR Newswire is the global leader in news and information distribution services for professional communicators.

Based on new positioning for PR Newswire, “Engage opportunity everywhere,” we developed a new brand look and feel (including some branding elements like mnemonic treatment, logo lock-ups), as well as advertising and multi-channel go-to-market campaign. Also provided direction and assistance to PR Newswire’s in-house design for development of additional deliverables.
Role: Design Director/Designer (at Stein + Partners)
Award: ACE Awards 2011, Trade Show Campaign and Landing Page
Print ad for campaign launch
Email marketing (Email templates for Marketing, Trade Show awareness and Lead Nurturing series)
Rich landing page (including Flash units, video and multiple WP downloads)
Online display advertising
Out-of-home advertising – Time Square
Trade Show booth
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